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Fixed income

Our international fixed income specialists, supported by our global research platform, focus on delivering strong risk-adjusted returns. We offer a comprehensive range of strategies to meet client objectives.

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Benchmarked active Benchmarked Passive/Low TE Benchmark agnostic Low rotation Alternative weighted schemes
  • Traditional active investing based on extensive research resources
  • Combination of top down and bottom up convictions
  • Relies on fundamental analysis, in-depth credit research to assess the effective risk entailed and proprietary valuation models
  • Cost efficient beta management to be used as building block or to adjust allocations
  • Relies on our research resources to identify factors influencing indices
  • Tracking techniques (replication or stratified sampling)
  • Consistency, discipline and attention to details
  • Total Return solutions to contain volatility in fast moving markets
  • Beta positioning that reflects economic and credit cycle anticipations
  • Duration / currency exposure to hedge or expose the portfolio
  • Volatility and risk mitigation through a wider opportunity set
  • Buy and maintain solutions with strict investment constraints
  • Relevant for balance sheet optimisation by reducing capital cost and / or capital gain
  • Relies on our research resources to identify relative valuation opportunities
  • Solutions designed to access to market beta with an improved Sharpe ratio
  • AWS avoid the well-known shortcomings of market cap-weighted indices: concentration and drifts in credit quality and allocation
  • Some segments present ineffective risk / return profiles and should be avoided

A systematic, efficient approach

Our fixed income strategies are designed to deliver the benefits of a global platform with local investment team autonomy. This approach enables us to provide a targeted range of global, regional and single country investment strategies.

Our investment culture empowers flexible and timely portfolio management decisions. The global platform ensures robust, transparent and consistent processes.

A strong team-based approach incorporates wider perspectives for better, more resilient long-term outcomes.

Connecting clients to opportunities

As a global organisation, we leverage the expertise of our global product specialists and apply what works for clients in one area to clients in other parts of the world.

Deep research capabilities

Our global fixed income platform is supported by over 170 portfolio management professionals and 45+ seasoned credit analysts specialised by geography and by sector.

With one of the largest and most experienced networks of credit research talent in the asset management industry, we have the resources to achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns.

Risk Warning
The value of investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. The value of the underlying assets is strongly affected by interest rate fluctuations and by changes in the credit ratings of the underlying issuer of the assets.